About A&S

Welcome to Art and Sharp.

This is my creative space where I share, collect and expose my artworks.

Art and Sharp describes the essence of whatever I place in it.

My definition of ART is about ideas, dreams, feelings or anything which is not quite contained or defined.

I just know that art is my joy. It feels good.

However, I need some extra elements to find passion and focus: my art needs energy.

I believe that such energy comes from different sides or views that are suddenly put together.

All this may sound a bit too abstract or quite far from our daily reality. It is actually quite simple.

Just imagine a cut, an explosion, a high contrast of shapes and colors.

Try to visualize something… SHARP!

Channel this energy by using something sharp and imagine we cut some fabric of our reality. Something strange and electrifying emerges…

Something energetic, moving and hopefully harmonious is now in front of us: a stretch of space, a pleasant shape and some dreaming colors. This combination is ART and SHARP.

What I do is more like being an explorer than an artist. My explorer’s tools are my experience and observations but what I present to you is actually already out there.

So please be part of it while you enjoy my artworks. Follow me for comments and ideas on Facebook and Istagram.


Thank you,

Daniele Presta